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Animal Details
13Yrs 2Mths 3Wks old Dobermann Mix
Size: Large
Sex: Spayed Female
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
I've been adopted!
About me
Carlie is a joy to have in the house! She is very much a people person. She loves to be where her people are. When anyone walks in she looks up from her napping position and wags her tail waiting to get some hello pets. She has some spunk too when she gets playful or on her walk. She'll get little spurts of energy and looks so happy when she gets pampered! She's potty trained and due to her joints only goes on shorter walks. But she's definitely excited to go out, especially first thing in the morning.
Unfortunately, stairs aren't her favorite. She's able to go up and down them, but she usually won't venture all the way to the second story unless she's feeling very spry. She's a happy camper settled on the first floor.

Foster Home History:
She's been with us just over a month. We don't have any young kids, but based on what we've seen she is very mellow and would probably do great with kids.

Dog Skills:
She's met a couple of dog friends. She's barked a couple times when meeting dogs when she feels threatened or their energy level is too high for her. But in those cases, she's only barked and relaxed shortly after. We were able to leave her along with another dog in the house during the day. They just napped. So I would say, typically, as long as the other dogs are good with an older mellow dog, she's been good with them too.

Cat Skills:
We have a couple outdoor cats in our neighborhood which she has definitely been curious about the cats haven't allowed her to get too close. She doesn't seem aggressive toward them and she hasn't chase them. I can't say much beyond that.

Leash Skills:
Carlie is great on leash. She definitely loves going for walks, but short walks are preferred for her joints. Her morning walks are her favorite. She gets a little more tired at the end of the day.

Carlie has has severe osteoarthritis, the break down of cartilage in the joint due to previous injury or old-age, of her knees. She has been placed on pain medications for her comfort. Most dogs with this condition do well when their pain is controlled with medication, however she may limp or favor a leg, especially after exercise.

Carlie came to HSSV with Heartworms and is undergoing treatment. Most dogs return to a heartworm negative status in 10-12 months. Adopters should follow up with their vet on testing schedule, and keep Carlie on Advantage Multi.

Carlie also has a subcutaneous mass on her left ankle. We have send in samples twice for testing but the results have been inconclusive. The location of the mass makes healing from surgery long and has risk of infection. Due to her age and the possible negative impact on her quality of life, we have opted to leave the mass. Currently the mass is "quiet" and not bothering her.

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