Animal Details
1Yrs 2Mths 1Wks old Pit Bull Mix
Weight: 47 lbs
Sex: Neutered Male
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
About me
Personality: Frankie is a very high energy boy looking for a perfect home where he can learn to control his exuberance by going on long walks, hikes and runs daily as well as getting plenty of mental exercise in a form of obedience training, puzzle toys etc. Frankie absolutely loves playing fetch! He can be little fearful in new places and with new people (especially men) but he is very food motivated and few treats will go a long way. Frankie has shown to sometimes be barrier reactive (barking at people and dogs through a fence) and would benefit from someone that knows how to re-direct these behaviors. If you are a fitness buff and have been wanting a dog to keep you company on your daily runs and weekend hikes, Frankie might be your guy.

History: Frankie came to us as a stray from Sunnyvale. He was very scared when he arrived but he slowly warmed up to everyone with some time, patience and yummy food.

Dog Skills: Frankie can be somewhat dog selective (he prefers females) but as long as the other dog is loose, wiggly and playful he will quickly relax and bounce into a play. His play style is very Pitty like - rough, body slamming and mouthing on other dog. He has played with several female dogs in shelter that tolerate his play style or play the same way. With daily play dates he is starting to learn to stop when other dog stops and is showing progress in controlling his arousal level all by himself.

Cat Skills: Frankie will chase a cat and any other small critter he sees.

Leash Skills: Frankie is very strong and he pulls on leash. With appropriate walking equipment such as front-clip harness or Head Halti he does great and is willing to learn loose leash walking.