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Animal Details
10Yrs 2Mths 3Wks old Poodle Miniature Mix
Weight: 9.68 lbs
Sex: Spayed Female
Location: Foster Home
About me
Personality: Custard is a very sweet girl. She loves to snuggle and cuddle with everyone! She would really enjoy being in a home that has people around most of the day. Although she is blind and deaf that doesn't stop her from exploring any new environment she is in. Once she gets the layout of the place she moves around freely and only occasionally run into things. Custard can startle easily so you have to let her know that you are near but putting your and in front of her nose or by lightly touching her back to alert her of your presence. She enjoys being around other small dogs and loves to snuggle with both, canine human, friends. She'll gladly spend all day laying on the couch with her people. She is stressed when going into unfamiliar environments so she would probably prefer being a homebody.

History: Custard came to us as a stray from Sunnyvale. She spent some time in foster home while she was awaiting her spay surgery.

Dog Skills: Custard does well with other small dogs that are peaceful co-existers. She has has had multiple roommates since she came back from foster home and she likes to curl up near other dog for midday nap.
Cat Skills: Custard isn't bothered by cats around her.

Leash Skills: Since she is blind and deaf, Custard walks very slow and often needs to be carried from one place to another (which she doesn't mind). She would prefer a home with access to a yard where she can go potty and sunbathe.

Medical: CANINE HEART MURMUR: This dog has a mild heart murmur audible on the right side. It is a Grade 2 out of 6, where Grade 1 is the quietest murmur and 6 is the loudest. She has no clinical signs or other symptoms of heart disease at this time and we are not recommending any treatment or other changes.

Health Waiver: This dog presented to HSSV with significant vision impairment and appears to be blind and also has significant hearing impairment. It is unknown if she was born this way or acquired this due to an unknown ocular condition. Blind dogs can do very well in a stable environment and with a committed owner.

Chronic IVDD: This dog was noted to have collapsed disc spaces in her spine on spinal x-rays. It is likely that this dog has had disc disease in the past that has healed and scarred and her body has stabilized her spine with bony changes. Currently, she is being treated with a medication called Gabapentin on a long term basis. Because she has evidence of previous spinal disease, we recommend that she be handled carefully to prevent a future incidence of spinal injury.

Custard's adoption fee has been sponsored by a generous admirer.

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