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Animal Details
8Yrs 2Mths 4Wks old Small Terrier Cross Mix
Weight: 13 lbs
Sex: Spayed Female
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
I've been adopted!
About me
Lacey is a gentle, shy dog who needs extra time to settle in around new people & places. Once comfortable, she follows you around the house, wants lap time, and taps you with her paws for petting. She is a low energy dog who naps a lot, but she's starting to play with foster parents and go on short strolls as she gains confidence on leash. This charming gal would like a low-key home with a tranquil routine & one where her people are home most of the day. A gentle dog friend might be nice too. She's looking for a home where she can flourish & live out her golden years as her happiest & healthiest self. Lacey is doing well with potty training. We take her out every few hours plus after she wakes up, after meals, & before bedtime. We praise her when she goes. It helped having quiet yard space during early days of potty & leash training. She is shy, reserved around new people. Does best if they let her set the pace getting to know them. If they sit or stand still, she's more likely to check them out. May be hand shy if new folks reach down fast trying to pet her. Lacey warmed up quicker to foster mom than dad. He used extra treats & gave her space to gain trust. She hasn't met any visitors inside our home or met children.

She's not comfortable being in a closed crate at home. She's okay stepping into an open crate for treats or being in one for car rides. The rare times we left her alone, we gave her full access to her favorite rooms in the house. She's not used to alone time. We only left her alone a few times for less than hour each. Acts mildly stressed. Paces & whines by the door. A slow, positive build up to alone time is needed. Having another calm dog around might help her adjust easier when her people aren't home.

She used to live with 2 small, older dogs & might like a calm dog friend again. Avoids or acts nervously around higher energy, forward dogs. Settles well near foster mom outside when neighbors with mellow dogs stop to chat a short distance away, but Lacey hasn't met any of them directly up close. We don't know how she is with cats.

She's new to walking on leash. May pull back or wiggle away from leash if she feels tension from it. Doing well with short strolls in quiet environments. She may let out a bark or two if feeling unsure about something like a new person approaching fast or loud car passing by. Soothing words from foster mom & moving away from it ease her concerns.

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