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Animal Details
7Mths 1Wks old Domestic Short Hair Mix
Weight: 5.1 lbs
Sex: Neutered Male
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
About me
Hi there, I'm Sully. I'm looking to find a home with my brother Mike. We are always by each other's side. We both love to snuggle together, keep each other company during play and help each other through nervous times. We do well with other kitties too. I can be timid at first but I try to be brave for my brother. We both may need some extra time to adjust to new situations and new people. But if you are looking for a perfect duo of snuggle love and have a home for two wonderful felines, ask to meet us today!
Sully is a lively, mobile kitty, who loves play and treats. He's a lapcat when you put him into your arms from his bed or a corner, but he doesn't initiate and does evade (then he sits down and accepts petting). He gives a beautiful reverberating purr when gently pinned and petted on a cat bed alongside other cats. He also purrs and give a luxurious little stretch as he smells food and gets petted first thing in the morning. Sweet Sully was fostered with his brother Mike (201037), who is also a tiny tuxedo. They cuddle adorably and get along perfectly. Sully was fascinated by two older tame cats he met. (Older cats were kept out of Mike and Sully's room for a week, so they didn't regard Mike and Sully as invading their territory. The cats were all allowed to get used to each others' scents under a door threshold.) Mike and Sully eagerly sniffed the curious older cats through cage bars, and were clearly more confident with other cats there. When they were allowed to socialize, he and the older cats did lots of touching noses, following around, gentle playing, grooming each other, and napping in a pile. There was no hissing, no growling, no hostility at all, because Mike and Sully are still tiny and nonthreatening. Sully got along fine with new people, nearly as well as with the main foster. He does run away from people approaching directly or reaching out, but accepted petting and being picked up when he has been grabbed. He has not encountered children, but was not bothered by random noise changes (like a radio going). He is perfectly fine with his paws and belly being petted. I adore it when Sully is curled up on a cat bed, and I can approach and pet his sleepy self. He purrs strongly as he lolls and stretches around to get the maximum amount of petting on his belly. He's an absolute sweetheart and clearly feeling absolutely blissful. I love it when Sully marches up to me at mealtimes and accepts being hauled up onto my lap. We sit there, him enthroned, munching, and radiating heat like a little sun, and me petting every inch of his beautiful little Roscharch-patterned fur, belly and all. Yes, his belly is pettable, and he doesn't even squirm away. His pink-and-black toe beans on his white paws are also pettable! I'll miss his little pink nose and half-closed eyes poking out of the happy pile.