Animal Details
4Yrs 9Mths old Domestic Short Hair Mix
Size: Medium
Sex: Spayed Female
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
About me
I'm Natasha, but you can call me Queen Natasha. I wish I could say I'm the new gal in town, but I'm sad to say I have actually been here the longest out of all these cats. I'm truly a sweet girl, but I have grown tired of my current lodging. Those who enter my kingdom to entertain me just don't tickle me anymore. I act like royalty and seek to be touched only when I want to be. In fact, I prefer, at times, to simply stare at you, and ponder why...just why? I am no longer amused by this room or your treats (on second thought, I'll take those treats). I need someone to know that what you see right now isn't all of me. I want to loosen up and be me again outside these walls. Queen Natasha is ready to get into a nice, cozy home where I can roam around, snuggle on a bed, and play with some awesome toys. I'm ready to find my new cat-savvy family, so come down, see me, and ask my Adoption Counselor friends to meet me. I am sponsored by Xiuchai Xu!