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Animal Details
6Yrs 5Mths 3Wks old Domestic Longhair Mix
Weight: 10.72 lbs
Sex: Neutered Male
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
I've been adopted!
About me
If you are looking for a social kitty, Max is your fella. Max often follows me around the house. He wanders into the kitchen when I am working at the counter and reaches up and pats me on the butt. Of course, he knows that he is going to be rewarded with a treat. He will also sit up on his back legs or twirl around for a treat. Max does enjoy chin scritches and head rubs.

When I sit at the computer, Max will hop up and lay on the desk next to the computer or will lay down on the sofa nearby. When I watch TV, he likes to lay on the back of the sofa I am sitting on. He does sleep in the same room as me, but not necessarily on the bed.

When visitors come to the house, Max hangs around where he can watch what is going on. Usually after half an hour, he will come over to greet the visitor.

Max likes to perch any place in the house where he can watch the action outside, whether it's the back of a chair, a windowsill or a well-positioned cat tree. He also enjoys wandering around the backyard. I wanted to train him to be safe outside, so for a while I let him in the yard to play for about 15 minutes while I stayed close to him during that time. I can now let him out by himself, though I check on him every 15 minutes or so. Usually he will come when he is called. Or I will find that he has wandered back into the house on his own.

Max loves gently playing with any foster kittens I have in the house. Often he will lay down, watching them, letting them come to him. He has rubbed noses with the senior fosters that I have had and followed them around.

Max realty likes water. He will drink from any faucet or the garden hose. He has even jumped into the shower with me.

Max is not a picky eater. I have dry food and water always available. He prefers dry food over wet. When I feed him wet food in the morning and evening, I mix in a couple tablespoons of water. He laps up the flavored water and just eats some of the food.

It is easy to get Max in a carrier. Many times when I put the carrier out, he will walk into it on his own. He lets you pick him up for short periods of time.

Max has not pooped outside of the litter box. He uses the scratching post and there has been no scratching of furniture.

Max has heart disease called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. This condition is managed medically with heart medications. We hope for him to be comfortable and happy for as long as he has a good quality of life. He currently has no symptoms of heart disease. He is receiving two heart medications, and these should continue for the remainder of his life, assuming no significant side effects or difficulties with medicating. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to predict his prognosis and life-span. Symptoms he is at risk for include weakness, collapse/fainting, painful/difficulty walking, fast or labored breathing, and sudden death. If any of these symptoms are seen, the adopting home needs to seek veterinary care immediately.