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Animal Details
9Mths old Domestic Medium Hair Mix
Weight: 3.7 lbs
Sex: Neutered Male
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
I've been adopted!
About me
My name is Luke and I am one cuddly kitten! My favorite pastimes include climbing and scratching on my favorite scratch post, napping, purring, and eating! I don't fuss much but when I'm hungry I will surely let you know by warming up my kitty vocals! My foster moms say that I am very low maintenance and sweet. I get along with other cats and love to explore! If you have a window where I can look out to watch the outside world, I can be entertained for hours. Make sure you give me lots of pets and belly scratches, I just love to be petted and will fall asleep right in your arms.

A little more about Luke:

How does Luke react when being held? How does he feel about being picked up?
- He's okay with being held, he is easy to pick up since he's always looking for cuddles.

How does he play with you?
- When getting his belly rubbed he likes to nibble on your hand and hold it. He also loves chasing the little ball on a ball track.

What is his behavior like with new people and/or children?
- He loves everyone, he purrs at the touch.

What is his behavior like with other animals?
- He does well with other cats. He cuddles with his sister Leia and has shown some curious interest in our residence cats.

What kind of litter box setup did you have for Luke? How would you describe his success using the litter box?
- He shared a litter box with his sister Leia but can get used to any litter box, he sometimes also uses the litter box of our residence cats.

Is there anything else that you would like the new adopter to know about Luke, such as any special tricks or adorable traits?
- Luke is on a mission to find the very best bubba seat. He can find just about any place to snuggle, so far his favorite spot is the little basket on our cat tree.