Abby is no longer available for adoption.

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Animal Details
10Yrs 2Mths 3Wks old Small Terrier Cross Mix
Size: Small
Sex: Spayed Female
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
About me
Personality: Abby is a sweet, easy girl who loves to meet new people and prefers to spend time with them whenever possible. She is housetrained, has been left alone up to 4 hours with no problems, and likes to burrow under covers. We think she could easily be a "first time" dog owner kind of dog.

History: Abby came to us from another shelter.

Dog Skills: Abby has done great with other small dogs. She is very relaxed, follows them around, and regularly participates in playgroup.

Cat Skills: We do not have a history of Abby with cats.

Leash Skills: Abby does well on leash and likes to go for walks.

Medical: Abby has a luxating patella, which is common for small dogs and means that the kneecap occasionally moves in and out of place. Her luxating patella is currently noted as mild.
Abby has cataracts in both eyes, which causes some vision impairments. It is recommended that she is always leashed for walks and is carried up and down stairs due to her depth perception issues.

Abby had an oronasal fistula, which is a cavity between her nose and her mouth caused by dental disease. Her dental disease has been addressed and the fistula was repaired. Abby will benefit from receiving regular dental care moving forward.