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Animal Details
8Wks (approx) old Domestic Short Hair Mix
Size: Small
Sex: Neutered Male
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
I've been adopted!
About me
Boo is a happy little kitty! He has been active, playful, and affectionate since the day I brought him and his sister Zoe home, at 5 weeks old

How does your cat react when being held? How does your cat feel about being picked up? He has learned to calm down and lie quietly on his back, on my lap, and allow me to play gently with his paws and give him tummy rubs. Boo is just fine with being picked up and held. I've tried to be very gentle with him and discourage biting or climbing my leg.
How do they play with you? I've taught Boo to play with little stuffed mice and he loves to bat them around. Boo enjoys crinkly plastic that I tie in knots to play with. Boo and Zoe like to play rough with each other and bounce around as kittens do. They both do that little sideways hop that is so funny to see!
What is their behavior like with new people and/or children? : Boo has no aversion to other people picking him up and handling him. He is very open minded about who he plays with. He has a very mellow personality.
What is their behavior like with other animals? Boo and Zoe have not been exposed to other animals while in my care.
What kind of litter box setup did you have for your cat? How would you describe their success using the litter box? Boo has a smallish litter box with plain clay litter. He uses it faithfully. Boo and Zoe share a multi-level kitty crate/condo. I placed the platforms at the 3 lowest levels. Boo has learned how to move from the lowest to the highest shelfs with ease. Boo likes to jump and climb!
Is there anything else that you would like the new adopter to know about this cat, such as any special tricks or adorable traits? Boo and Zoe are both little fluffy solid black fur balls! I have been grooming their fur by wiping them clean like their mom might do. He knows to clean his paws after dining. He hoovers up his wet food and eats his crunchies too.