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Animal Details
6Mths old Domestic Short Hair Mix
Weight: 5.72 lbs
Sex: Spayed Female
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
I've been adopted!
About me
Hi, my name is Ruth. Some people think I have a grumpy face, but I am a very happy girl. I like purring and kneading. I love to meet people and greet them with head butts and licking their hands. I know I don't have an athletic body and I still have baby fat, but I am full of energy, love all kinds of sports: playing with the wand toy, chasing the ball, wrestling with my friends. And I am good at them. Come to meet me, I will show you. You can find more pictures of me on Instagram at account PlayingWithFelines, or just search on #PlayingWithFelinesRuth.

How does your cat react when being held? How does your cat feel about being picked up? Ruth likes to be held, but she is young, will not stay for long time, there is always something else gets her attention. When you hold her close, she likes to head-butt you, lick your face, hands.

How do they play with you? Ruth loves wand toys and moving strings. She likes to play with balls by herself.

What is their behavior like with new people and/or children? She is not shy.

What is their behavior like with other animals? She is calm and confident with other animals. She knows how to defend herself. She made friends with 2 kittens at her age. She played with a cat bigger and older than she.

What kind of litter box setup did you have for your cat? How would you describe their success using the litter box? She shared litter box with other kittens. She is good at using the litter box.