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Animal Details
7Mths 1Wks old Domestic Short Hair Mix
Weight: 3.63 lbs
Sex: Spayed Female
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
I've been adopted!
About me
What should your foster animal's bio say? Hi I'm Willow! Are you looking for a kitten who has it all? The beauty? The brains? The sociability? The playfulness? The knack for mischief? Look no further I'm your girl. I love to play and be with people. I only ever give 100%, so keep up! I don't slow down for anything... except food. I will cuddle next to you on the couch, I will sleep in your bed, I will catch all the flies, and I will play with EVERYTHING! Do you think you have what it takes to keep up? COME MEET ME!

How does your cat react when being held? How does your cat feel about being picked up? She loves affection on her terms, she likes to cuddle and get pets, but she is not a big fan of restraint. She tolerates being held for short bits of time, but would rather just be next to you and get love.

How do they play with you? She plays with everything, wand toys, balls, bottle caps, anything she can get her paws on.

What is their behavior like with new people and/or children? She has been in a house with our 2-year-old son and done great. She loves it when he plays with her with the wand toys. She would do well in a house with young children and could help to teach them how to play respectfully with cats.

What is their behavior like with other animals? She just wants to play. She would do great going home with another cat as long as they could take her energy. She might be too much for a senior cat.

What kind of litter box setup did you have for your cat? How would you describe their success using the litter box? We have 2 litter boxes and she has been great at using them.