Animal Details
2Yrs 2Mths 3Wks old Large Cross Breed Mix
Weight: 59.7 lbs
Sex: Spayed Female
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
About me
Personality: Pecan is a bouncy, high energy girl looking for an experienced, adult only, active home where her need for physical exercise, mental enrichment and obedience training is met. She can be little shy when meeting new people and in new places. Pecan will show clear signs when she is uncomfortable and her adopters should be experienced and familiar reading dogs body language. Once comfortable, Pecan is very affectionate girl who loves attention and she enjoys learning new things whenever yummy treats are involved. If you are experienced with large breed dogs and love outdoors, Pecan would like to meet you to see if it's a match.
Post-adoption scholarship is sponsored by Pedigree Foundation.

History: Pecan arrived at HSSV end of October 2021. She has been adopted couple times by families with minimal large dog experience so she has been returned into our care both times.

Dog Skills: Pecan loves other polite, playful dogs. She enjoys playing chase and loves to roughhouse. She would benefit to go home (or have regular playdates) with another high energy, playful dog who is tolerant and will be able to handle her sometimes rough playstyle.

Cat Skills: Pecan will chase a cat if opportunity presents itself.

Leash Skills: Pecan loves to go on long walks. She will pull on leash when excited and will benefit from front-clip harness while she learns loose leash walking.

If you'd like to meet Pecan, we would love to introduce you! We accept walk-ins for Pecan on a daily basis, however, if you would like to request an appointment to meet her, please use the form below. yFill out the form to request an appointment