Animal Details
1Yrs 3Mths 1Wks old Border Collie Mix
Weight: 49 lbs
Sex: Neutered Male
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
About me
Personality: Huxley is a very shy boy looking for an experienced home with a confident canine where he can learn to trust humans. He is very sensitive to handling of his body beyond his head and ears. Huxley would highly benefit from going home with someone that can work with him on desensitization to gradually get more comfortable with handling and human touch. He is most comfortable when he is with other dogs and therefore it is REQUIRED that he goes home with a confident and friendly canine buddy (dog-to-dog meet is recommended prior to adoption). It would also be highly beneficial if he went to a home with direct access to a secure yard where he can go potty and so that he can start to build confidence in a bigger open space where he has a choice to move away when uncomfortable.
MY care has been sponsored by Howard Nguyen and Jordan Stitzel!
Post adoption scholarship is sponsored by Pedigree Foundation.

History: Huxley came to us from our partner shelter in Central Valley.

Dog Skills: Huxley LOVES other dogs. They are his security blanket and the least stressful way for him to get comfortable around humans is when another confident and friendly dog is around. He approaches people and allows light petting if another dog is next to a human getting attention. Therefore Huxley is required to go home with a large friendly confident canine companion.

Leash Skills: Huxley is still learning to walk on leash. He does best when walked with one of his dog friends. He is still getting used to having leash put on him and will benefit from slow desensitization over time. A secure back yard where he can practice leash walking is highly recommended.

Huxley is part of our Diamond in the Ruff program and please Fill out the form to request an appointment