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Animal Details
Happy Gilmore
1Yrs 7Mths 3Wks old Pit Bull Mix
Weight: 53 lbs
Sex: Neutered Male
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
I've been adopted!
About me
Personality: Happy Gilmore is named for his super social and wiggly, excitable demeanor. He loves meeting new people but is still learning to not go overboard with his excitement (my human friend give me treats when I greet them like a gentleman and keep my paws on the floor). He is often so wiggly that he hurt his tail from wagging it too hard! Happy is looking for a family that is active and would love to take him on long walks and runs regularly. He would also benefit from a family that can guide him in his manners and learn to be calm. Happy is very food and tennis ball motivated so he aims to please! Happy loves to play fetch and it's a great way to tire him out. In his down time he LOVES to cuddle up with his friends.

History: He came to us from the central valley.

Dog/Cat Skills: Happy participates in playgroup daily. He often explores the yard and engages in chase play. He has shown a discomfort with more tense, forward behavior, especially from male dogs, and may correct or target them. He has shown to do best with relaxed, social females and does like to engage in some calm wrestle play. He can also become overly excited with vocal play. Happy is best with social, calm, tolerant dogs who can greet and play politely. Happy has shown hyper focus and willingness to chase cats.

Leash Skills: Happy pulls while walking on a leash and would benefit from the use of a front clipping harness. He has shown some barrier and leash frustration with dogs displaying tense behavior, and does not always meet dogs comfortably on leash. We are working on this by redirecting him with treats or toys.

Medical: Happy arrived at HSSV with trauma to the tip of his tail. Due to his habit of wagging his tail vigorously and hitting the walls with the tip of his tail, he repeatedly traumatized the tip of the tail until it became devitalized. He had also caused painful sores along the sides on the last 3rd of his tail from wagging it against walls. To treat his wounds and relieve his pain, it was necessary to amputate a portion of his tail. He is recovering and healing from the surgery very well. Happy is also healing from ear infections that are currently being treated.

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