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Animal Details
10Mths 2Wks old Chihuahua Mix
Weight: 10 lbs
Sex: Spayed Female
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
I've been adopted!
About me
Animal's Name: Noelle
Animal ID Number: 182941
What should your foster's bio say? Noelle is a sweet, spunky and energetic dog that likes to cuddle and play. A little shy at first but very loving afterwards. Walks well on a leash and is learning about house training. She has a great appetite and loves treats
What did you implement for house training? Do you think it's working? She previously only went on the puppy pads and not outside. We have had some success bringing her outside and praising/treating every few hours such as after naps.
Have you introduced them to a crate? If so, what kind of crate and what was their reaction? Yes, she settles down nicely but may complain when she wants to come out.
How many hours did you leave them home alone? What was their behavior like when left alone? A couple hours, settles down quickly
What is their behavior like with other animals? Enjoys playing chase with other dogs, cuddling and learning about sharing toys. She did resource guard chews for a short period but seems to have gotten over it. Recommend reinforcing her good behavior.
What is their behavior like with new people and/or children? : No children but she was curious about all.
Is there anything else that you would like the new adopter to know about this dog, such as any special tricks or adorable traits?
She enjoys goat and buffalo horn hard chews and the occasional soft toy. She enjoys treats of all types and fruit. Very playful with other foster pups and enjoys her zoomies around the house.