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Animal Details
2Yrs 3Mths old Siberian Husky Mix
Weight: 41.8 lbs
Sex: Spayed Female
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
I've been adopted!
About me
Personality: Anna has been a wonderfully loving and attentive Mom to her 5 beautiful puppies! Anna is a very timid dog who needs time and space to acclimate. She's just starting to let herself relax and enjoy her new life, and has shown us brief glimpses of just how playful and loving she can be. She is still a bit nervous when meeting new people, and will often cower and/or back away when approached. She enjoys being petted and after several weeks finally worked up to let us rub her belly, but she will sometimes stiffen up to let you know she's had enough for now. She hasn't been exposed to too many new people or environments during her foster stay since she was nursing most of the time. Anna is house trained and adjusted well to a routine of several trips outside per day to go potty. Anna voluntarily went into her crate for naps on a regular basis. We did not lock her in her crate, since she always wanted to have access to her puppies. But given how relaxed she seemed to be in there, I suspect she would be ok with being locked in a crate for sleeping, etc.

History: Anna has been in a foster home with two adults, a large dog, a smaller dog, and a dog-friendly kitty. She has typically had run-of-the-house during the day and stayed with her puppies at night. She's had access to a doggy door to go to an enclosed space outside when she wanted. She does best with calm, polite dogs who can allow Anna time to warm up.

Dog/ Cat Skills: Anna has done really well with the two resident dogs in her foster home. She was understandably nervous when they went near her puppies, but she approached them and gave them signals to back away, and once they did she relaxed. After she was with us for a while, she started to initiate short play episodes, especially with the bigger dog. She also played well with her puppies as they got older. She hasn't met any other dogs while she's been here. Anna has gotten along well with the very dog-friendly resident cat in her foster home. If anything, she was sometimes a bit nervous around the kitty. But she showed no prey drive towards him. On walks, she perked up at the sound of birds and other small animals, but no evidence of strong prey drive there either.

Leash Skills: Anna walks great on a leash! She doesn't yet voluntarily come to get her leash put on when called, and sometimes cowers a bit or backs up slowly when you reach to leash her. But if you are slow and confident when you approach her, she will let you leash her and will then willingly go outside for a walk. I suspect she will enjoy much longer walks once she doesn't feel responsible for puppies anymore! She walks well with her tail up and keeps a decent pace without pulling at all.

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