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Animal Details
2Yrs 1Mths 3Wks old Small Crossbreed Mix
Size: Small
Sex: Neutered Male
Location: Foster Home
About me
Personality: Bert is a little shy at first but quickly warms up when other furry companions around to show him how to be confident and trusting. He loves laying down near his humans on the couch and rolling over to get belly rubs. Bert's most adorable trick/habit is that he loves perching up on his hind legs to look over at you when he's excited! It's very endearing and looks super cute.

History: Currently in a foster home with a dog, cat, and adults. He is doing very well with house training and always goes outside to potty. When left alone in his pen with a crate, he had done well and is not destructive.

Dog Skills: Bert LOVES other animals! They help him feel more confident and comfortable with his human companions. It is mandatory he go home with another confident canine companion. He's played with several small dogs at the shelter and currently plays with the foster resident 60 pound Australian cattle dog mix pup.

Cats Skills: Bert currently lives with an 11 pound dog savvy feline, and they play a lot together.

Leash Skills: Bert is still building his leash confidence. Another confident canine needs to be present to help him be brave and take the lead.

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