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Animal Details
2Yrs 5Mths 2Wks old Shepherd/Siberian Husky
Weight: 69 lbs
Sex: Neutered Male
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
I've been adopted!
About me
Personality: Finn is an affectionate, active young dog who is eager to be with people and play with dogs. He is energetic, food motivated, and looking for a family who can help teach him his manners. He may excitedly greet people by jumping up but does well once given sufficient exercise outlets. He is a strong dog on leash and he will vocalize when seeing other dogs. Finn also enjoys cuddling and being near his people.

History: Finn came to us from a shelter in the Central Valley.

Dog skills: Finn regularly does parallel walks with other social, tolerant dogs as he cannot yet have off-leash play due to his healing leg fracture. Finn enjoys trying to solicit play with other dogs and can be vocal, forward, and jumpy. Finn does best with very tolerant, social dogs who can handle his bossy, rude play style.

Cat skills: Finn has shown interest when he sees a cat and is willing to chase. He will pull strongly on leash.

Leash skills: Finn pulls on the leash and would benefit from a harness.

Medical: Finn arrived at HSSV with a fractured left leg. The leg was splinted for several weeks and the fracture is healing well per his most recent recheck x-rays. His exercise had been restricted as the fracture healed, and we are now slowly increasing his activity over the next 4 weeks. His muscle strength and use of the leg should improve over the next few weeks provided the exercise is increased slowly. We are currently providing him with 30 minute leash walks 4 times daily and he should not be allowed to jump on or off furniture. The adopting family should anticipate that he may need recheck x-rays at the end of the healing process and possibly after this time as recommended by your veterinarian.

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