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Animal Details
1Yrs 1Mths 1Wks old Medium Cross Breed Mix
Size: Medium
Sex: Spayed Female
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
I've been adopted!
About me
Personality: Laylee is a sweet-tempered energetic dog. She loves playing and loves being around people. She is good about going to the bathroom outside. We have not tried her in a crate, but her sweet and calm demeanor makes me think she would have no issue with it. She loves meeting new people and new dogs. We have not had any issues with meeting new people and she loves to run up and ask for back scratches. Laylee also loves to play fetch and run around to burn energy.

History: While being fostered in our care she has lived with a cat and another dog. She has also been living with older kids (14 years old) but would love kids. She may need to calm a bit before being around very small children.

Dog Skills: Laylee can be quiet and tentative when first meeting new dogs but will warm up to rowdy play. Laylee is not impulsive when seeing another dog on walks and is always inquisitive when one comes over. We had about another medium-sized dog and they did great together. We did notice that sometimes she could get a little over-excited and would start trying to play rough with our other dog who has a record of letting other dogs know when he doesn't like something.

Cat Skills: Laylee was very good with our cat. They didn't have tons of time together, but she was curious though a little weary. She was very respectful and seemed her only intention was finding out what a cat was. She left our cat when called back.

Leash Skills: Laylee is slowly getting better at walking on leashes. But sometimes she does get a bit strong. She has some really nice moments where she just walks beside you, but we have found she gets a little excited and starts pulling. She loves getting out and smelling new things.

Medical: This dog has been diagnosed with demodicosis and a subsequent skin infection. Demodicosis is not contagious to other animals or to people. She has been treated for the Demodex infestation with an oral medication called Nexgard. She is being treated for her skin infection with bath therapy and with antibiotics. She will be due for a recheck of her skin and a second dose of Nexgard on approximately 11/20/20 with your veterinarian to monitor the skin infection and the demodicosis. Some dogs can recover from demodicosis completely while others will have occasional relapses that require further veterinary care.

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