Animal Details
1Yrs 11Mths old Large Cross Breed Mix
Weight: 88.4 lbs
Sex: Spayed Female
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
About me
My care has been sponsored by Pamela Perez, Madison McMahan, and Betsy Preciado!

Personality: Xena is a good girl looking for a home to call her own. Xena loves the sound of her own voice and she will announce her presence wherever she goes. Once the excitement has passed, she will carry on walking or playing in a secure yard. She enjoys going on long walks where she can sniff all the new smells and take in the sights. She especially loves to stick her nose in all the holes that ground squirrels have created adn her idea of a great time is digging in dirt! Xena thinks of herself as a guard dog and will alert you of all the intruders, be it a squirrel, a cat, another dog or an unfamiliar human. In reality she is just a sweet and affectionate girl who knows basic obedience and will roll over for some much needed belly rubs. Xena is a strong, young and energetic girl and will benefit to go to an active household where her physical and mental needs are met.
Xena's adoption includes post-adoption training scholarship.

History: Xena came to us as a stray from Sunnyvale.

Dog skills: Xena is known to be reactive towards other dogs at a close distance when on leash. She does this because she really wants to meet the dog and say hello but is conflicted about how to appropriately greet them. Xena would highly benefit to go home as an only dog and it is recommended that adopters work on her slowly getting comfortable with other dogs near her before considering off-leash playtime.

Cat skills: Xena wants to chase cats and other small critters so she is recommended to a home as an only pet.

Leash Skills: Xena is a very strong girl and will try to pull on leash when excited. Once she relaxes she walks well. It is recommended that adopters use front-clip harness for walks until she learns loose-leash walking.

Are you ready to meet Xena? You can schedule an appointment by clicking this link or come by in person during our open business hours.