Animal Details
4Yrs 7Mths old Medium Cross Breed Mix
Weight: 44.6 lbs
Sex: Spayed Female
Location: Foster Home
About me
$150 of Lulu's adoption fee has been sponsored!

Personality: Lulu is very people-social and affectionate. She has a goofy, quirky, and bouncy personality. She is eager to please and will look to her human friends for direction. She loves to play with tennis balls and frisbees! She is currently in foster where she gets a morning and evening walk, fetch time, and training throughout the day. When she isn't walking, playing, or learning she can be found laying quietly next to her foster mom while she works.

History: She arrived to the shelter as a stray. She lived in a foster home with 2 adults and 2 children. She has shown to be tentative at times with kids but can also become rowdy with them when comfortable. She is also excitable in an active, noisy home environment. Lulu would do best in a calm home environment and with a family that can manage this behavior.

Dog Skills: Lulu can be uncomfortable meeting new dogs and is looking for a home as the only dog in the household. She has done well with meeting some very calm, tolerant, adult males. However, she gets too excited on leash to meet other dogs at this time.

Cats Skills: We have observed reactive behavior toward cats, squirrels, birds, etc. Lulu is required to be the only animal in her future household because of this behavior.

Leash Skills: Walks nicely on leash with the use of a front clip harness. Lulu can walk calmly on a leash but can become excited/frustrated when seeing unfamiliar people, dogs, cats, wildlife. She can become vocal, jumpy, and abruptly spins in circles. She would do best with a low traffic neighborhood. Her foster family is already working on manners and attending a training class with her. Lulu does well when re-directed into calm behavior before she gets excited and already knows the hand signal "sit!" A training scholarship has been funded by The Pedigree Foundation. She's looking forward to continuing her training in her new home.

Lulu arrived at HSSV with a history of "spinning" when excited. When she gets excited or over stimulated she spins and circles to the right. It is very easy to get her to calm down and stop spinning with redirection and distraction. Based on her history, and a consultation with a veterinary neurologist, we believe this is a stable condition. When Lulu is relaxed, she is not spinning. This does not impact her quality of life.

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