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Animal Details
5Yrs 1Mths 1Wks old Small Crossbreed Mix
Weight: 8.28 lbs
Sex: Spayed Female
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
I've been adopted!
About me
Personality: Topanga is a sweet, timid dog that can be nervous around new places and objects. She may try to move away at first or stay very close to you. She warms up with time and a quiet slow approach. Topanga can be sensitive to certain handling, having a leash on, and environmental noises or movement. She may yelp when nervous or startled by those stimuli. Topanga is affectionate and will solicit attention when she is comfortable. As she is still acclimating to the leash, Topanga will need a quiet home with a secure yard so she can go outside for potty training without having a leash on. Her future family should be familiar with dog body language and reading her signals to help her slowly build confidence. She readily approaches people, enjoys being held, sitting next to you or on your lap. In little time, she will eagerly greet people with a tail wag and wiggles. Once she is comfortable, she will become your shadow. She is recommended to a low key, adult household with experience helping shy dogs gain confidence. During her time in her foster home, Topanga quickly learned the routine of going outside (enclosed yard) to potty. She will now sit at the patio door whining softly if she needs to go potty. Topanga loves small soft toys. She will play her version of fetch, which is a great way to reduce her stress. Topanga absolutely loves blankets and cuddling underneath while keeping you company while you work from home, snuggling on the sofa together watching Netflix and at night, sleeping in her cozy crate. Topanga sleeps well in her crate overnight and in the car for safe travel. In the mornings if she needs to potty, she will whine softly to let you know. She enjoys being pet, having her head massaged and giving kisses.

History: Topanga came to us from central valley. She's spent time in a foster home with one other dog but no children.

Dog/Cat Skills: Topanga can be initially tentative but will politely greet other dogs. She does best with calm, polite dogs who will give her space and let her settle in and explore. Topanga lived with another small senior dog in her foster home. Both are accepting of each other's presence but chose not to engage in play activities.

Leash Skills: Topanga needs help learning to be comfortable with having a leash on her. She will need access to an enclosed yard to work on leash and potty training.

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