Animal Details
Tony Soprano
2Yrs 1Mths 2Wks old Small Crossbreed Mix
Weight: 16.1 lbs
Sex: Neutered Male
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
About me
Personality: Tony is a high energy little boy who is working on his confidence around new places and faces. He takes time to warm up to people and is looking for a low key, adult household where he is allowed to move at his own pace as he feels comfortable. High value treats (chicken, liver treats) are a way to his heart. Once he is comfortable with a person he loves to sit on their lap, give kisses and go on leashed walks together. Tony would benefit from living in a home with access to a secure yard where he can build his confidence around people (he does best when given space to come and go as he feels comfortable) and work on getting comfortable with leashing.
Post adoption scholarship sponsored by Pedigree Foundation.

History: Tony came to us as a stray from Sunnyvale. He was brought in with two female dogs his size and he was the protector of the group. And that is how he got his name, Tony Soprano:)

Dog Skills: Tony prefers female dogs over males. He solicits play with other dogs that are polite and playful. He would do ok in a home as only dog and once comfortable can be introduced to other polite female dogs for socialization and to keep up his dog skills. He can get carried away during chase play and will need to be supervised when playing with other dogs.

Leash Skills: Tony walks on leash but is fearful of getting the leash put on and taken off, especially if he isn't familiar with person doing it. He would benefit from a house with yard where he can go for his potty needs and gradually be desensitized to getting leashed as he is settling into a new home.

Tony is part of our Diamond in the Ruff program and needs a special appointment to be seen. Ready to meet Tony? Fill out the form to request an appointment