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Animal Details
4Yrs 4Mths old Dachshund Mix
Weight: 15.6 lbs
Sex: Neutered Male
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
I've been adopted!
About me
Personality: Drake is a shy boy looking for a new best friend who will understand his fearful behaviors and help him navigate this scary world. Drake warms up to people with some time, patience and yummy treats. Previously he lived in a home with small kids and they scared him a lot so a home with no small children, living or frequently visiting, is recommended. Once Drake bonds with people he is affectionate boy who loves pets and attention. He enjoys long walks followed by some chill time. He is recommended to a low-key adult only home where he can bond with his people and be spoiled rotten with love and attention.

History: Drake was transferred to us from our partner shelter in Central Valley. He soon got adopted into a home with small children ranging from 9 months to 4 years old. He never warmed up to the children and was always on guard when kids were around.

Dog Skills: Drake enjoys peacefully hanging out with other canines but he can get upset if other dogs are too rowdy and invade his space. He also has shown lap guarding and guarding of space around other dogs so he is highly recommended to be the only dog in a home.
Cat Skills: We have no history on Drake around cats.

Leash Skills: Drake walks well on the leash once he is familiar with the person walking him and knows that he is safe. He can get frightened when walking in busy areas with many people and loud noises around him.

Medical: Dental Disease. This animal has mild dental disease and may benefit from having a thorough dental cleaning with the adopter's veterinarian within the next 12 months. Dental care is an on-going process that will need to be addressed for the life of this patient. He has an enamel defect on one of his canine teeth. Enamel is the hard outer covering of the teeth. The damage to the enamel of this tooth makes it more prone to dental disease and it should be monitored by your veterinarian.

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