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Animal Details
Mr. Magoo
12Yrs 3Mths old Small Crossbreed Mix
Weight: 5.58 lbs
Sex: Neutered Male
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
About me
$80 of Mr. Magoo's adoption fee has been sponsored by the Mack Family!

Personality: Mr Magoo is a friendly dog who likes other dogs and people. Because he is partially blind and mostly deaf, it takes him a little time to warm up to strangers. But once he knows a person's scent, he really enjoys attention and pets. He often follows shadows, vibrations, and sounds around the house because he loves to be in the room where the action is happening! Mr Magoo is a brave and adventurous dog, he does not let his sight or hearing slow him down.

Dog Skills: In foster home Mr Magoo was living with a small female dog. He is very tolerant of sharing his space with another dog and often used his foster sister to help guide him through the house. He does not like to share food and lets other dogs know with communication but is still very friendly.

Leash Skills: Mr Magoo walks on leash but often needs patience and some encouragement. He prefers to just explore an enclosed yard off-leash.

Medical: Partial deafness
This dog appears to be significantly hearing impaired. This is a common change as dogs age. Dogs with hearing loss appreciate gentle fore-warnings that someone is approaching to avoid being startled.
Bilateral Cataracts.
This dog has mature cataracts in both eyes. Cataracts are a hardening of the lens of the eye resulting in an opaque white appearance to the eye. They are usually seen in older dogs. This dog's cataracts are likely to affect his vision significantly. It is likely that he can see large light and dark objects, but much of his finer vision is affected, making him at least partially blind.
Luxating Patellae
This dog has a condition called "luxating patellas." This means that his knee caps on the hind legs may spontaneously pop out of place, resulting in lameness and pain. This means that the knee cap is loose and may move in and out of place spontaneously as he/she walks.
He has a mild heart murmur audible on the left side. It is a Grade 1 out of 6, where Grade 1 is the quietest murmur and 6 is the loudest. He has no clinical signs or other symptoms of heart disease at this time and we are not recommending any treatment or other changes.
Missing Many Teeth
This dog had such severe dental disease upon admission to HSSV most of his teeth needed to be extracted for his health and comfort. His periodontal disease was so chronic that his lower canines and incisors had fallen out long ago and the bone of lower jaw receded to the point where the two halves of the lower jaw are no longer connected. This condition does not appear to be affecting his ability to eat and drink.
Renal Insufficiency
This dog has a kidney condition called renal insufficiency. This means that his kidneys have been damaged to the point that they are no longer able to control the amount of urine that is produced.Dogs in kidney failure tend to feel ill, eat less and lose weight. Mr Magoo needs to be on special diet for rest of his life