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Animal Details
1Yrs 6Mths old German Shepherd Mix
Weight: 79.8 lbs
Sex: Neutered Male
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
I've been adopted!
About me
Hennessy's adoption fee is sponsored by the Mack Family, so his adoption fee is waived! His care has been sponsored by Kristine Mack!

Hennessy's adoption includes a post-adoption training scholarship sponsored by Pedigree Foundation. This is a one time private lesson with a R+ trainer who can help you to come up with a training plan for Hennessy.

Personality: Hennessy is a tall, handsome boy looking for his perfect home. He is a dog with lots of exuberant energy and need for exercise, routine and helping hand to become the best boy that he can be. Hennessy's favorite past time is playing fetch with squeaky tennis balls and playing in water. Hennessy loves to learn new things and cues. Since arriving at HSSV, Hennessy has learned "sit", "touch", "down" and "paw". He is a fast learner, very food motivated and eager to learn more. Hennessy would love a working breed savvy home that is experienced managing large, energetic dogs in need of lots of physical exercise, mental enrichment and training.

History: Hennessy was surrendered to us by his previous caretaker.

Dog Skills: Hennessy gets excited when he sees other dogs so he can be reactive when on leash or behind a barrier if he sees a dog in close distance. We think that Hennessy hasn't interacted with other dogs before coming to HSSV so when he meets other dogs he can be conflicted and somewhat rude in his greeting. At this time he is required to go home as only dog and slowly learn his manners so that eventually he can interact with other dogs politely.

Cat Skills: Hennessy has shown interest in chasing cats so it is recommended that he goes to a home without cats.

Leash Skills: Hennessy gets excited when he first goes outside and will pull on leash. It is recommended that he wears a front-clip harness while he learns loose leash walking.

Are you ready to meet Hennessy? You can schedule an appointment by clicking this link or come by in person during our open business hours.