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Animal Details
7Yrs 1Mths 2Wks (approx) old Border Collie Mix
Size: Medium
Sex: Neutered Male
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
I've been adopted!
About me
Personality: Vinnie can be a little shy at first, but warms up quickly if there is another confident dog around and is very food motivated. Vinnie is crate trained, and 90% house trained. He understands "Come" and "Inside" for going into the crate. His three favorite things are food, playing with other dogs, and being around the people he trusts.

History: Vinnie was transferred in from a central valley shelter needing medical care. He was placed in a foster home while receiving medical treatment. Foster home consisted of one adult, one 11 year old girl and one 13 year old boy in the house.

Dog Skills: Vinnie has been in foster with three dogs (two males + 1 female), all about 20lbs. He gets confidence from having other dogs around. Vinnie has done really well with other dogs. It took a while for the foster dogs to accept him, but he was very good at giving them space. In the dog park, he got along well and played with the other big dogs there. Due to Vinnie gaining confidence from other dogs, he is required to go home with another dog.

Cat Skills: Vinnie has been around three 20lb dogs. He did very well. No experience with small children or cats.

Leash Skills: Vinnie is very afraid of sounds and people that he come across on walks (people working in their yards, garages opening/closing, cars driving by), which makes him constantly move around the person walking him. He's does not do well at this point if walking near a street with many cars. He will try to hide under bushes or under cars if he is startled. Foster parent tries to walk him in low key environments and praises him verbally and with treats for being brave.

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