Shadow has been adopted!

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Animal Details
5Yrs 7Mths 4Wks old Shepherd Mix
Weight: 72.8 lbs
Sex: Neutered Male
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
I've been adopted!
About me
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Shadow recently had a sleepover and here is what his pals had to say :

"In the apartment he was really sweet he would always miss whichever one of us would leave he would wait next to the door until we came out."

"By Sunday morning I think he already felt like he was at home he was really relaxed around the house. He loves cuddles and would jump up onto my knees for hugs."

"He was really respectful around the apartment he didn't bump into or break anything - he had 0 interest in chewing on our plants! "

"Shadow really is the sweetest boy, he makes an empty room feel full and makes you smile as soon as you see him. We miss him so much already, he slotted into our routine and lives perfectly."

Shadow's adoption fee has been sponsored, and he is eligible for a trial adoption.


Hello World,
My name is Shadow, My shelter friends have given me a couple of nicknames like "The Fan Favorite" and "Sweet Boy". I am a friendly and outgoing sleek black shepherd who steals the hearts of many, my fans truly adore me as expected, I'm kind of a superstar.

I have been working on my dog skills I used to be the only star, but with time I've learned how to share my spotlight and even enjoyed it. I go on regular pack walks where I roll in the leaves and lawn surf on my belly. After the grass rolling I like to lean into you and bask in the sun. I'm also having the best play dates with some canine friends that I have made during my stay at the shelter.

One of my fans even wrote me a poem, I know they're obsessed with me, but who can blame them, I am Magnificent.

Dear my friend Shadow,
For your friendship I am so grateful,
you spoil me with happy greetings and trust falls of joy,
you have shown me the truest love of all,
To have a best friend like you to call my sweet boy.
You have taught me a great lesson I will never forget,
where you can find light, you will always find a shadow.

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My care has been sponsored by Sundar Ramani!!