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Animal Details
6Yrs 1Mths 1Wks old Chihuahua Mix
Size: Small
Sex: Neutered Male
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
I've been adopted!
About me
Personality: Hoshi loves people! He can be shy when first meeting you, but will soon warm up. He doesn't like to sleep in a crate and would prefer to be near you at night. He gets very attached to his people and is very loyal. He is potty trained, although will have accidents if he hasn't been out for a while. He is very mellow, and these days he sits and/or naps for most of the day. He would make a steadfast and easygoing companion.

History: Hoshi's been living in a foster home with an 11-pound family dog and a 12-year old daughter. Our daughter is Hoshi's favorite!

Dog/Cat Skills: Hoshi gets along just fine with our dog, and has been friendly when meeting dogs in the park. He has trouble playing right now because of his recent hip surgery, but we can tell that he wants to play. He has not been around cats.

Leash Skills: He has been needing some encouragement to start a walk, but then quite enjoys it, and likes running around at the park. (Still mostly on 3 legs.) His pacing on a walk is still a bit erratic. Hoshi seems to be scared of larger cars and trucks, and traffic noise when outside, but his confidence is growing.

Medical: Hoshi has changes in the enamel layer of his teeth. The poor enamel will make him more prone to dental disease. So we recommend having him seen by a vet yearly to see if he needs to have his teeth cleaned.

This dog is being treated for an ear infection in both ears. At the time of the ear exam, the ear drums were ruptured. We have treated the ears for infection and inflammation with ear cleanings and ear medication. However, he has been intolerant of daily ear treatments. Currently, he is on oral antibiotics to help resolve this infection. It is possible for an ear drum to heal completely if the ear infection is properly treated.

This dog had a surgical procedure called a femoral head and neck ostectomy performed on his R hip on 10/28/20. This leg should be used nearly normally after a couple of months. If adopted prior to his full recovery, he will require physical therapy exercises until he is using his rear limb normally at a run. While we expect good to excellent return of rear limb function, it is possible that he may always have a mild limp.

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