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Animal Details
3Yrs 1Mths 3Wks old Medium Cross Breed Mix
Weight: 47 lbs
Sex: Neutered Male
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
I've been adopted!
About me
Personality: Cooper is a sweet big dog who loves going for walks. He enjoys outdoor time, and seeks out neck rubs, lap time, and kisses. His foster home has 2 adults and is a low key environment. He's usually mellow around the house, but occasionally gets zoomie energy where he runs around then bounces up trying to play with us. Cooper seems mostly potty trained and we started crate training. He gets about an hour of that crate time a day. The longest time he was alone was about 2 hrs. Other times are shorter like 30 minutes. He whines a bit and eventually settles. We pair alone time training with crate training and do it at times of day when he's most mellow or tired like after exercise. Cooper warmed up easily to us when we first met him. A little head shy at first, but soon was enjoying pets all over. He met many other adults when he spent time at HSSV and went on walks with volunteers there. He hasn't met any kids during his stay with us. When we pass by people on walks, he is polite and may glance their way then keeps on walking. He is learning to do Touch, Find It, and Sit.
Leash Skills: Cooper wears a front clip harness and martingale collar for walks because he can pull suddenly when he wants to reach something of interest.
Cat/Dog Skills: Cooper stares, whines, and runs toward squirrels, cats, and small wildlife if he sees them up close during walks. We proactively give him distance from those things. He's learning to check in with us for treats, petting, or games of finding treats then jogging away to distract him from noticing those things. Petting and saying 'ok, let's go' can help regain his attention too. Cooper has hung out with dogs of similar size and personality during a few playgroups at HSSV. When he sees other dogs pass by during our walks, he's calm and doesn't pay much attention.
Medical: Cooper had a dental cleaning at HSSV. His teeth were cleaned and any teeth that were determined to be unhealthy were removed. Dental care is an ongoing process that will need to be addressed for the life of this patient.
Cooper arrived at HSSV with a healed fracture on the Right side of his pelvis. Currently, he is using the hip very well with some decrease in range of motion on the Right side. However, it is possible that as he ages, he could develop arthritis in this hip requiring treatment by your veterinarian.
Upon in house cytology review and physical exam evaluation, this dog is believed to have a benign (non-cancerous) growth on his face. These masses usually spontaneously resolve, disappearing without treatment, within 3 months. Unfortunately, due to the location, this mass cannot be surgically removed easily because there is not enough extra skin on the face to close the incision. The adopting family is advised to have the mass monitored by their vet.
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