Animal Details
1Yrs 4Mths old Medium Cross Breed Mix
Weight: 40.8 lbs
Sex: Spayed Female
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
About me
In Swedish " Liv" means ....Life.
In Chinese " Liv" means...Beautiful.
In the shelter, " Liv" means...Best Friend Forever.

Liv is everything one could want in a best friend. She loves car rides, so she's always down for road trips. To the beach or the Redwoods, with the windows down and pup cups in hand she will contently look out the window and be by your side.

Have kids? Even better! That's more people for Liv to love and more chances to play ball. In her previous home she lived with children ranging from the ages of 2-16, family is important to her.

After all the adventures are to be had and you need some down time, Liv also makes a great cuddle buddy on the couch. She will give you the remote control, let you watch whatever you want, and will gladly snuggle next you.

Liv needs a person to love. If you need a best pal, she's waiting for you.