Animal Details
4Mths 2Wks old Medium Cross Breed Mix
Weight: 25.8 lbs
Sex: Spayed Female
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
About me
Personality: Charlotte is a sweet but shy girl who needs lots of socialization and confidence building in a loving home. We are looking for experienced adopters who can help Charlotte learn that world isn't as scary as it may seem. She will benefit from home with a yard where she can start to explore, approach people and retreat as she feel comfortable, get potty trained and start to learn walking on a leash. We believe that once Charlotte is in a home where she is allowed to transition slowly, get socialized and slowly introduced to new things she will do well.
Charlotte's adoption includes a Basic Obedience Puppy training as well as Post-adoption scholarship for a one-on-one session with positive reinforcement trainer to work on her shy/fearful behaviors.

History: Charlotte came to us from our partner shelter in Central Valley. When she arrived she was acting like a very fearful and under socialized puppy. We have been working with Charlotte on her behaviors and she is showing great progress that we hope will continue in her new forever home.

Dog Skills: Charlotte is a young puppy and will benefit from regular play time with other polite puppies and dogs.

Leash Skills: Charlotte is still too young to go on walks but we have started introducing her to a leash. It is recommended that her adopters continue the work we have started so that by the time she is fully vaccinated and allowed out and about, she has perfect leash skills.

Charlotte is part of our Diamond in the Ruff program and needs a special appointment to be seen. Ready to meet Charlotte? Fill out the form to request an appointment