Animal Details
2Yrs 4Mths old Large Cross Breed Mix
Weight: 77 lbs
Sex: Neutered Male
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
About me
Personality: Roscoe is a big, floofy boy looking for a home that understand needs of a Working breed dog and can provide necessary enrichment and outlets for his energy. Roscoe is a young, sweet dog who loves going on long walks and play in a yard. His favorite toys include squeaky tennis balls and water sprayed from the hose.
Roscoe's adoption includes training scholarship to help him start a new life on the right paw.

History: Roscoe came in as a stray.

Dog Skills: Roscoe LOVES other dogs! He has a rough play-style and he likes to use his mouth in play a lot (typical Shepherd). He would do best with tolerant dogs that play similarly to him.

Cat Skills: Roscoe will chase a cat if he has a chance.

Leash Skills: Roscoe is large and strong dog and will pull on leash when excited. He is recommended to be walked on front-clip harness while he is working on loose leash manners.

Medical: Bilateral hip Dysplasia. This dog has mild hip dysplasia in both hips. Hip dysplasia is a condition in which the "ball and socket" joint of the hip does not fit well. Over time, this poor fit can result in arthritic changes in the joint which result in lameness, pain and decreased ability to exercise. Currently he shows mild changes in his gait (the way he walks) but does not appear lame or reluctant to exercise. He has no evidence of arthritis on his x-rays at this time and no treatment is recommended. This condition should be monitored by your family veterinarian.