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Animal Details
8Yrs 3Mths (approx) old Chihuahua/Mini Pinscher
Weight: 10.22 lbs
Sex: Neutered Male
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
I've been adopted!
About me
Gizmo is the ultimate cuddle puppy - an 8-year-old puppy, that is. He still looks a bit like a puppy, small and round with big expressive eyes. Gizmo loves being in your lap more than any other place on earth. He happily adjusts his position to accommodate your phone, book, or computer. Anything to be in your lap.

When not cuddling with a person, Gizmo will cuddle with himself. He will burrow under blankets until he disappears completely. If you have blanket throws on your couch, you will need to check carefully before you sit down so you do not squish him.

Gizmo has a very close relationship with his mom, Lola, who also stayed with us. He generally let her take the lead, following closely in her footsteps. The exception was when it came to securing a place in a lap. There he assertively took the lead in occupying what he considered prime real estate.

Gizmo is very affectionate with people he knows well. He tends to be timid with strangers and will let them know if they try to come in close before he is ready.

My care has been sponsored by Brittany Balogh!!