Animal Details
Lanky Lou
1Yrs 1Mths 4Wks (approx) old German Shepherd Mix
Weight: 87.5 lbs
Sex: Neutered Male
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
About me
Lou is part of our Diamond in the Ruff program and needs an appointment to be seen. Ready to meet her? Schedule an appointment

Personality: Lanky Lou is a puppy in a large dogs body. He is still learning manners and would benefit from a breed experienced person who can continue his training. Lanky Lou LOVES to play with toys in the yard.  History: Lanky Lou came in as a stray.

Dog Skills: Lanky Lou can be very forward when meeting new dogs. He would need an appropriate match as some dogs may not tolerate his forward greeting

Cats Skills: Will chase cats.

Leash Skills: Lanky Lou would benefit from ongoing training to help him be more polite on leash.

Medical: Underweight.