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Animal Details
2Yrs 5Mths 1Wks old Large Cross Breed Mix
Size: Large
Sex: Neutered Male
Location: Foster Home
About me
Personality: Loki is a gentle giant! He is around 80lbs but is very friendly and loyal. Very calm when meeting strangers, both human and canine. Stays by my side in the house, mostly napping next to me. Loki rarely barks. His one trigger is squirrels - he wants to chase every one he spots. He has been through months of recovery from a badly broken leg, but throughout it all he has maintained his gentleness and sweetness. Now that he is in his "last leg" of recovery, he is ready to be the fun and energetic 2-year old he was meant to be.

History: Loki has been recovering in a foster home with just his foster parent. They did have guest over and at first stayed right by foster parent's side but then warmed up in a few minutes. Loki also did great with children. He has been fully potty trained in his foster parents home. He tried to follow his foster parent out when they left the house, but once left alone, would settle quickly and nap.

Dog Skills: Loves to meet other dogs, and can't wait to be able to run around with them.

Cats Skills: He has met a few cats nose to nose, and is mostly just curious.

Leash Skills: Loki does pull on leash and benefits from a harness when on walks.

Medical: Loki arrived at HSSV with a severe fracture of the right tibia and fibula (shin bones). The fracture healing was complicated by an infection at the fracture site. The fracture was repaired and is now healing very well. Once the fracture has completely healed, he will need surgery to remove the plates and screws from the fracture site. He is currently taking antibiotics and will need to continue them for several weeks after the hardware has been removed. Loki is currently on exercise restriction (leash walks only) and will need to continue this for several weeks after his up-coming surgery. HSSV will provide the medication, veterinary care and follow-up surgery to resolve this medical issue.

Loki has a very common endocrine disease called hypothyroidism. This condition is stable and is being treated with twice daily tiny pills. This condition requires maintenance for life. The adopter can expect recheck bloodwork 1-2 times a year and twice daily medication.

Loki developed vomiting while in our care. He tolerates canned food or soaked kibble but vomits after eating dry or hard foods. We are hopeful that this condition will resolve when we are able to discontinue the antibiotic. However, he may have a long-term dietary need for soft foods.

Loki is still recovering from an injury and needs a little bit more care before he is ready to become officially yours! We are looking for someone that wants to adopt Loki, but is ok with it being a foster to adopt situation until he is medically cleared. This means HSSV will cover the cost of his second surgery, and process the adoption paperwork once cleared.

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