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Animal Details
4Yrs 2Mths 1Wks old Mini Pinscher Mix
Size: Small
Sex: Spayed Female
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
I've been adopted!
About me
Personality: Penelope has a class Min Pin personality - she's outgoing, affectionate, and sweet with a hint of sass. She loves to burrow under blankets and cuddle close with her humans, and is especially fond of belly rubs. Penelope enjoys being near her people and will rest her head on their shoulder while cuddling together on the couch. Penelope is very playful - she's a big fan of stuffed toys and can get very excited while playing, so she is working on not using her mouth on humans while playing. She will sleep in a crate when her people are home, but is still working on being comfortable when her people leave. When Penelope first meets new people, she can be tentative and may bark, but warms up quickly.

History: Penelope came to us from another shelter.

Dog skills: When meeting new dogs, Penelope will sometimes bark, but quickly warms up and tries to make friends. She is co-housed with another dog currently, and goes to daily playgroup where she enjoys running around the yard. She likes other dogs, but does not like sharing humans' laps with other dogs.

Cat skills: Penelope lived with cats in her foster home, and alternated between ignoring and trying to chase the cats.

Leash skills: Penelope loves to go on walks or short jogs. She walks nicely on leash.

Medical: Penelope came to us with a fracture in her right femur. We performed surgery on the leg and inserted an orthopedic plate. The fracture has healed well, and she is returning to normal activity. The plate is still in place and in most situations, can remain in place for the life of the dog.

Penelope has periodontal (also known as gum or dental) disease. She had a teeth cleaning, and teeth that were determined to be unhealthy were removed. She should receive regular ongoing dental care in the future.

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