Animal Details
9Yrs 1Mths old Schnauzer Mix
Size: Small
Sex: Spayed Female
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
About me
Personality: Pippie is a mellow old gal who loves to follow her people around and be with them. She is great with all people, and was especially attached to her foster dad and the youngest son in her foster home. She's housetrained, rides well in the car, and knows a few commands.

History: Pippie came to us from a shelter in the Central Valley.

Dog skills: Pippie enjoys being in the company of other mellow dogs. In her foster home, she did well with the large resident dog. She is currently co-housed with a small dog and gets along well with him. She can sometimes get grumpy with younger, more playful dogs.

Cat skills: We do not have a history of Pippie with cats.

Leash skills: Pippie walks well on the leash.

Medical: Pippie appears to be hearing impaired. She does not need any treatment for this, but should not be allowed off leash in an unenclosed area.

Pippie has a heart murmur. She has no clinical signs or symptoms of heart disease at this time, and no treatment is recommended for this condition. Her future veterinarian should monitor the heart murmur for any progression.

Pippie has a condition which causes dry eye in her left eye. We believe Pippie had this condition for a long time before coming to us, which caused pigment to build up on the surface of her eye and will likely always be present and cause some degree of vision impairment in that eye. She will need eye medications several times daily to keep the eye moist and free of infection.

Pippie had most of her teeth removed after they were deemed unhealthy. She should have ongoing regular dental care to keep her remaining teeth and her gums healthy.

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$80 of my adoption fee has been sponsored by the Mack Family. Ask for the discount code at time of adoption.

My care in the shelter has been sponsored by Rajitha Edara and Guppy Ahluwalia!