Animal Details
10Mths 3Wks (approx) old Belgian Malinois/Shepherd
Size: Large
Sex: Neutered Male
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
About me
Personality: Holden is a young working/herding dog breed, and true to his breed, will need regular mental and physical stimulation. He is a wiggly boy who loves to be with other people and is eager to please. Holden learns quickly, is very treat and toy-motivated, and is easy to train. He already knows "sit" and is working on "touch" and "watch me." He loves playing fetch more than almost anything, and enjoys going on multiple walks a day. Holden is still young and excitable, so will need continued training to work on his manners.

History: Holden came to us as a stray.

Dog skills: Holden has shown intolerant dog skills. He has so far been unable to successfully meet a dog on leash or off leash. He is recommended as the only dog in the household.

Cat skills: Holden has been observed chasing cats and squirrels on walks.

Leash skills: Holden pulls hard on the leash, but checks in with his person often. We recommend he is walked with a harness or gentle leader.

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