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Animal Details
7Yrs 3Mths old Poodle Miniature Mix
Size: Small
Sex: Neutered Male
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
I've been adopted!
About me
Personality: Milton is a lovely boy! He enjoys spending time with people and will run up to strangers to ask for a belly rub. Milton loves food and is easily trainable. He enjoys playing with kids of all ages as long as they're willing to pet him! He loves to carry stuffed toys and will carry them all over the house. Milton has done well with house training and loves to sleep in his crate overnight. Milton will sometimes howl when first left alone but settles after a few minutes.

Cat Skills: We do not have a history of Milton with cats

Dog Skills: Milton enjoys the company of other dogs.

History: Milton came to us from another shelter.

Leash Skills: Milton will sometimes pull on leash but is doing better when walking on a harness. He loves going for walks and gets very excited to go for walks!

Medical: Milton arrived at HSSV with an old fracture of the right side of his lower jaw. Based on the exam and radiographs, we can tell that this fracture occurred a long time ago. He has learned to compensate for the abnormal jaw movement and is able to eat soft dog food. This condition is no longer painful so there are no treatments needed at this time.

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