Animal Details
1Yrs 5Mths 2Wks old Coonhound, Redbone Mix
Size: Medium
Sex: Neutered Male
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
About me
Personality: Henry is a social, outgoing guy. He is very affectionate, and will lean in for pets and attention. He enjoys being near his people, and will even talk to them with his unique hound-dog bay!

History: Henry came to us from another shelter.

Dog skills: Henry does great with other dogs who have a similar playstyle to him. He likes to chase, but does not enjoy physical contact play. He can be forward and bouncy when meeting new dogs, but listens well to corrections. Henry is very vocal in play.

Cat skills: We do not have a history of Henry with cats.

Leash skills: Henry pulls on leash, and benefits from walking with a harness. He can be tentative in noisy or high-traffic areas with lots of street noise, and walks better in low-traffic areas.

Medical: Henry has healing wounds on his chest and legs, most likely from being hit by a car which gave him "road rash" injuries. He is healing well and is not expected to need further treatment for these injuries.

Henry has developed pigmentation on the cornea of his left eye. He also has his third eyelid adhered to the cornea, and his eye strays to the left. He most likely had trauma to the eye previously. The pigment on Henry's cornea affects his vision, most likely for fine details. This condition is not expected to significantly affect his quality of life.

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