Animal Details
10Yrs 1Mths 2Wks old Small Terrier Cross Mix
Size: Small
Sex: Spayed Female
Location: Foster Home
About me
Personality: Ellery is a shy older girl but once she's had a little time she will come out of her shell and show you what a sweet girl she can be. Ellery prefers to keep all 4 paws on the floor as she is an older, sensitive gal. Ellery loves to ride in the car and will jump in on her own. Once comfortable Ellery likes to snuggle on the couch and gives kisses to her people. Once settled into a home she does well with house training. Ellery was left alone in her foster home for a few hours without issues. Ellery did have some discomfort with being handled while in our care, particularly with being picked up or being held in one place. Ellery loves toys and to play fetch. Ellery's foster said that she still has a lot of life and love in her and would love nothing more than to share her life with someone who is going to love her.

Dog Skills: Ellery is living in a foster home with other dogs and enjoys their company. Overall she seems to love her people more than the other dogs.

Cat Skills: We do not have a history of Ellery living with cats.

Leash Skills: Ellery walks well on leash.

Medical: Ellery has evidence of mild kidney disease. To slow the progression of renal insufficiency this dog should be fed a low protein prescription diet and high protein treats and table scraps should be avoided.

Ellery does have luxating patella on her left knee resulting in sudden and temporary lameness. Typically, dogs with luxating patellae walk normally until the patella moves out of place and then hop or skip for a few steps until it spontaneously returns to normal position. There is not treatment indicated at this time.

Ellery has a heart murmur audible on the left side. It is a Grade 3 out of 6, where Grade 1 is the quietest murmur and 6 is the loudest. X-rays show mild enlargement of one of the chambers of the heart, but no evidence of heart failure. While in our care no signs of heart disease have been observed and no treatment is recommended at this time.

Ellery has some degenerative changes in her spine that were found as incidental findings on chest x-rays. This appears to be an old injury that has since healed. She does not seem painful and no treatment is recommended. We recommend that she be handled carefully to prevent future incidents of spinal injury. She should not be allowed to jump on or off furniture and stairs should be discouraged.

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