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Animal Details
8Yrs 5Mths 1Wks old Medium Terrier Cross Mix
Weight: 39.8 lbs
Sex: Neutered Male
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
I've been adopted!
About me
Personality: Buddy is a super sweet and gentle dog. He loves to be pet and to sit with people. He is a Velcro boy who prefers to stay close to his favorite humans. He is very friendly with new people. He has lived with children ages 7 and 11 while in foster. Buddy also did well with potty training in his foster home. He very treats motivated and willing to work for food and yummy treats.

History: Buddy was transferred in from Fresno.

Dog Skills: Buddy is a peaceful co-exister and does well with other calm, polite dogs. He may be overwhelmed with more forward, rowdy dogs.

Cat Skills: Buddy has no history with cats.

Leash Skills: Buddy can be timid on a leash when in new environments, once he has warmed up he walks nicely on a leash.

Medical: Buddy may have a flea allergy. Pets with this condition can develop very itchy skin and hair loss even when they only have a few fleas. While at HSSV, this pet has been treated with monthly flea prevention, such as Advantage or Frontline and we highly recommend that his adopter continues these monthly treatments.

Buddy has a cataract in his left eye. The condition that affected the iris also caused some scarring of the cornea, creating a white patch on the surface of the eye. No treatment is necessary for this condition and it is unlikely to cause any medical concerns in the future.

Buddy presented to HSSV with a mass on his chest. The mass was surgically removed and submitted to a veterinary laboratory for analysis. The mass was found to be cancerous. These growths can invade locally in the area that they arise, and occasionally metastasize or spread throughout the body (no evidence at this time in this dog). The mass appears to have been completely removed, however, the cancer extended to the surgical margins of the biopsy sample, so re-growth in the future is possible. This is an "as-is" adoption and any further medical expenses sought out after adoption will be at the cost of the adopter. I am sponsored by Rhiannon Reid!

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