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Animal Details
5Mths 1Wks old Australian Cattledog Mix
Size: Medium
Sex: Spayed Female
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
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About me
Personality: Betsy is an energetic social young dog who is always eager to be with people and play rowdy with dogs. Betsy is quite affectionate but can initially be very jumpy and mouthy when excited if she has not had any playtime. She does best when she is given multiple daily outlets for her energy. She enjoys engaging in long play dates with other dogs, running, and is working on her basic obedience training. Already responds well to a hand signal "sit" since she is deaf.

History: Betsy came to us from the San Jose shelter.

Dog skills: Betsy regularly participates in daily playgroups. She can be very forward, rowdy, and mouthy in her play. She does best with tolerant, playful dogs that can handle her more energetic playstyle. Betsy has been cohoused with other dogs here at HSSV for the enrichment and to give her an outlet for her energetic behavior. She would do best with another playful dog or an active family that can provide her lots of exercise and play.

Cat skills: We have no history of Betsy with cats.

Leash skills: Betsy pulls on the leash and would benefit from a harness.

Medical: Betsy may be deaf or severely hearing impaired. Deaf dogs can be taught hand signals instead of voice commands and can make wonderful pets and lead full and rewarding lives. She arrived with a minor anatomic abnormality and the medical staff performed a corrective surgery called an episioplasty on 10/15/20. She has skin sutures at her surgical site that should be removed between 10/25 and 10/29/20.

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