Animal Details
3Yrs 2Mths old German Shepherd Mix
Weight: 83 lbs
Sex: Neutered Male
Location: Foster Home
About me
Personality: Jax is very loving and playful. If he wasn't 80 pounds he'd be a lap dog - he likes to drape the top half of his body across his person when he needs a hug. He doesn't get on furniture, doesn't chew anything but his toys, and even returns a tennis ball to you after he's retrieved it. In his foster home, he has shown to be extremely well trained. He knows all the usual commands and obeys them immediately. He even knows "go to bed" (and complies). He is perfectly house trained, and if you ask him if he wants to go potty and he does, he runs around in circles to let you know. When he is off-leash in an enclosed space, he returns to me immediately when I call him. Jax's foster parent lives alone, and Jax did bark a few times at visitors but once he sniffed them and saw they were friendly he was perfectly fine with them.

History: Jax was surrendered to HSSV due to a change in the owner's living situation.

Dog Skills: Jax can be reactive (barking, growling, pulls on leash) when he sees dogs. Adopters should be educated on managing this behavior including focus exercises, walking low traffic routes, and controlled interactions with appropriate dog matches. He would do best in a low traffic neighborhood. He may do best as an only dog due to his bossy demeanor. We highly recommend Jax has managed exposure and interactions with very tolerant and social dogs where he can learn appropriate interactions. Jax should not be taken to a dog park or left off-leash around other dogs.

Cats Skills: Jax has not yet met a cat in his foster home but he hasn't minded the squirrels or birds in the back yard. He was quite excited when our local possum was on the fence!

Leash Skills: Jax LOVES his walks. He's quite the sniffer so we don't cover a lot of ground quickly. I'm not a runner but he would probably be very happy to run with a human companion.

Medical: Jax has a condition called allergic dermatitis or atopy. With this condition, Jax has allergies to common things in his environment such as pollens, grasses, dust mites, etc. As a response to these allergies, dogs with this condition tend to develop itchy skin and ear infections. We're managing this with medicated baths.

Some of his adoption fee has been sponsored by the Mack family and he has a training scholarship funded by The Pedigree Foundation.

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