Animal Details
2Yrs 1Wks old Pit Bull Mix
Weight: 59.4 lbs
Sex: Neutered Male
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
About me
Personality: Taurus is a very sweet people loving dog. He loves to cuddle after a long walk and will do anything for treats. Taurus can be a little shy and tentative with new people and new places but he warms up quickly. It appears that Taurus has never lived indoors before so doorways and slippery floors can be scary for him at first and he might do best in a home with an easy access to a yard. He has shown a lot of progress since he arrived and has gone from little "pancake" dog when on leash to a happy, wiggly boy that enjoys walks, hikes and even some light jogging.

History: Taurus came to us from another shelter.

Dog skills: Taurus can be a little unsure about other dogs at first but if the dog he meets is loose and wiggly Taurus will warm up quick. At HSSV Taurus participates in playgroups with multiple dogs that will peacefully co-exist with him in the same space. He can get overwhelmed if other dog is too forward and rowdy.

Cat skills: We have no history on how Taurus is around cats.

Leash skills: Taurus walks well on leash. He might pull somewhat when excited or if he sees something he wants to get to.

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