Animal Details
10Mths 1Wks old Australian Cattledog Mix
Weight: 39.2 lbs
Sex: Neutered Male
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
About me
Personality: Ollie is a sweet dog that can be nervous around new people and places, and may try to move away at first. He warm ups with time and a quiet slow approach. He prefers to be able to come up to new people at their own pace, especially when yummy treats are involved. With some time, he will eagerly greet people with a tail wag and wiggles. Ollie is still learning to walk comfortably on leash. Once he is comfortable, he is a wonderful companion who loves to be by his person's side. He would do best in an adult household with herding breed experience.

History: They came to us from central valley.

Dog/Cat Skills: Ollie can be initially tentative but is interested and becomes more eager to greet as he warms up. Ollie does best with calm, polite dogs who let him settle in. Once he is comfortable, he enjoys some play time and chase.

Leash Skills: Ollie may need encouragement to walk on a leash. He does best when encouraged with happy talk or treats, or has a confident dog to follow their lead. Brody may benefit from an enclosed yard to work on leash walking.

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