Animal Details
6Yrs 4Mths 4Wks (approx) old Pit Bull Mix
Weight: 71 lbs
Sex: Spayed Female
Location: Foster Home
About me
Personality: Lisa is playful and loves her toys. She is happy to gather all of them up and rip them up to her heart's content. Lisa is a great learner, too! She knows sit, stay and come along, and will follow these even during distracting walks. She will also come when called. Sometimes she's a little stubborn, too, (i.e. if you want her to move from her favorite place on the couch, treats work best!). She is currently attending a training class with her foster family, and looks forward to continue to learning in her new home. A training scholarship has been funded by The Pedigree Foundation.

History: She is best friends with her foster family's 10 yr old daughter.

Dog/ Cat Skills: Lisa has participated in doggie playgroup at the shelter and does best with other rowdy dogs who can tolerate her forward rowdy playstyle. No history with cats.

Leash Skills: Lisa pulls on the leash, and the use of a front clipping harness has helped her while she has been working on her leash manners.

Medical: Lisa has been diagnosed with a torn cruciate ligament in her right stifle (knee). This condition results in pain, instability and severe lameness in the knee and requires orthopedic surgery to stabilize the knee. If not treated, Lisa will develop severe arthritis in the stifle resulting in permanent lameness. The most common surgical repair for this condition is called a TPLO. HSSV will cover the cost of one TPLO surgery by a surgeon of HSSV's choosing, after the time of adoption. The adopting family agrees to take all responsibility for Lisa's medical care once adopted. Following TPLO surgery, the adopting family should expect 6-8 weeks of exercise restriction and rehabilitation. Lisa is a wonderful dog and will make an excellent addition to the right family willing to take on her medical needs. She has done well thus far with pain management and exercise restriction in foster care.

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My adoption fee has been sponsored by Steven Touba!