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Animal Details
3Mths 3Wks old Shepherd Mix
Weight: 16 lbs
Sex: Spayed Female
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
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About me
Animal's Name: Daisey
Animal ID Number: 184140
What should your foster's bio say? Daisey is a really sweet girl who is super curious and loves to play and LOVES human attention and affection. Right now she loves to chase after toys and is beginning to figure out how to play fetch. She loves to play with other dogs, with people and even by herself. She can play all day and has a lot of goofy puppy energy. Once she is a little bit older she would definitely love to go on long walks/hikes with her new owners and go on all new adventures. The only thing that she loves more than playing is cuddling. She loves to fall asleep in your lap, in your arms, or on top of you. She loves to relax and watch tv with people because that means that she gets more cuddles.
What did you implement for house training? Do you think it's working? Daisey has had access to certain rooms of the house and usually waits to go to the bathroom outside. She is usually pretty predictable when she will have to go to the bathroom and does a good job of going outside to use the bathroom in her spot. But she has had a couple accidents. We did not use potty pads with her, as she was so good about scratching at the door to go outside.
Have you introduced them to a crate? If so, what kind of crate and what was their reaction? Daisey sleeps in her crate at night, but she does not love to be in her crate. She still whines a little bit when we put her in her crate at night but she will calm down and go to sleep eventually. She sleeps through the night, and in the morning she lounges in her crate a bit and is not terribly anxious to get out.
How many hours did you leave them home alone? What was their behavior like when left alone? We have only left her home alone a couple times for 1-3 hours at a time. While she was home alone she stayed in her crate. Daisey does not like to be left alone. She always prefers to be around people and will probably have to work on being alone by herself for longer periods of time.
What is their behavior like with other animals? In our care Daisey has only been around one dog, our mellow 10 yr old of equal size. She was VERY nervous and defensive around our dog at first. But after a day or so, Daisey warmed up to her and now they love playing together and are completely comfortable around each other. Overall it seems that Daisey is slow to warm around new dogs and can get a little defensive around food and human attention, but after some time she eventually becomes more comfortable.
What is their behavior like with new people and/or children? : She has not been around any young children, but she loves meeting new people. She loves being the center of attention and will try to get as many belly-rubs as she possibly can. She gets really excited when she meets new people and even when you enter the room.
Is there anything else that you would like the new adopter to know about this dog, such as any special tricks or adorable traits? Daisey's two favorite things to do are to play and cuddle. She also loves to be held and gives lots of kisses. Daisey always comes to greet you whenever you come into the room which brightens everyone's day. She LOVES people and human attention!